All About Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance And Repair

When was the last time you looked at your parking lot? Observe your parking lot – from a customer, visitor, or residents’ perspective. Ask yourself these few questions:

Is the entrance to your facility making a good first impression? Is it causing long-term tenants to not renew their lease or customers to drive on by? Does it cause a safety hazard to cars and foot traffic?

For many businesses, the parking lot often is not on many facility managers or property owners’ radar – until it becomes a problem. If your customers or tenants start complaining, or worse, not coming back to your facility because of the poor repair of your parking lot, you have a big problem.

The outside appearance of a company can say a lot about a business. From the cleanliness and image, the exterior of the building itself presents, down to the maintenance and construction of the landscaping. One thing that seems to go unnoticed at times, however, are the parking lots.

Parking lot maintenance like sweeping and cleaning can have several beneficial outcomes when done well. So, how do you keep up with the maintenance and asphalt repairs for your parking area to keep the visitors to your business happy?

First, find a paving contractor that offers a preventative maintenance plan like asphalt companies Sydney. Second, be sure your asphalt repairs, seal coating, and other parking lot maintenance are performed by a licensed contractor.

And last, but certainly not least, be sure your paving company and its employees are ones that you can trust to offer fair pricing and effective solutions. Here’s a quick list of 3 major signs that indicated your parking area needs repair:

1. Pot Holes-

Does driving through your parking lot feel like you’re on a bumpy dirt road? Potholes cause tremendous wear and tear on vehicles and are a safety hazard to pedestrians.

They are also a sign that water is seeping beneath the asphalt pavement through cracks that have been caused by wear and tear of traffic. Crack filling and proper seal coating can help prevent the need for pothole repairs, or worse yet — the need for a complete asphalt pavement replacement.

2. Drainage Issues-

Does water sit on your parking lot after a rainstorm? Do you often have to strategically jump across huge puddles just to reach the sidewalk or get in and out of your car? Your paving contractor can evaluate any drainage issues and correct these drainage problems. There are many reasons for drainage issues.

Sometimes vehicle traffic that is heavier than the pavement was designed can cause pavement depressions and in turn, standing water. Your paving contractor can make this type of repair by correcting the grade through localized leveling. For other drainage problems, he’ll offer other solutions to correct the drainage issues.

3. Faded Traffic Markings-

Proper layout is also required to keep parking lots in compliance with Americans with regulations. To best maximize the number of parking spaces, your paving contractor can design and install an acceptable traffic flow and line striping layout to meet your business needs and be in compliance.

Do Regular Maintenance:

  • When something is clean it simply looks better and a nicely swept parking lot is no exception. It looks attractive to patrons and guests of the establishment when dirt and gravel are not piled up in low traffic areas. Gravel clean up is good because it can be a slip hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists since it tends to cause reduced traction on hard flat surfaces.


  • Parking lot sweeping and cleaning can also make residents like condo owners as well as business owners feel that much more secure in their investment. If left too long, grass and weeds can grow in the soil left in the cracks and crevices of the pavement and concrete. This not only appears terrible, but the vegetation can also cause the asphalt and concrete to decay quicker than they should.


  • Thus resulting in expensive repairs or if bad enough, reconstructing the entire surface. Indoor parking areas and parkades can get extremely dusty over time which is not very attractive to anyone. Since sweeping alone does not get rid of this, this problem is better solved through parkade and parking lot washing and scrubbing. Pressure washing techniques are used initially to loosen and pool dust and dirt.


  • Then the proper scrubbing equipment rolls over the surface scrubbing it clean and vacuums up any loose water. This process is highly recommended for indoor levels with concrete a surface that also has a membrane coating applied since dirt can be extremely stubborn on these types of finishes. Proper parking lot maintenance through sweeping and scrubbing has many benefits.


  • It presents a polished image, it can extend the life of the pavement or concrete and simply gets rid of the unwanted problem of dirt. There are many experts all over the place that use the required equipment that is happy to quickly help if companies and residential buildings such as condos have a problem with a dirty and unkempt parking lot or parkade.

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