10 Best Tips to Keep Your House Clean

10 Best Tips to Keep Your House Clean

Most of us hate to clean our home. Well, it is no surprise because home cleaning is a tedious and boring job. People are usually looking for various tips and tricks to make the cleaning more straightforward and more comfortable. There are a lot of cleaning devices are available in the market such as a battery backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner that can make your job simpler.

Whether you are searching for regular cleaning tips or need a unique makeover because you are expecting guests at your home, the following ideas will make the process quicker and simpler as well. Also, by implementing these tips, you will save money on a host of useless cleaning products. No more ado, let move on our tips!

#1. Clean The Blender

Boil water, pour it inside the blender and also add a small piece of the dishwasher. Turn on your blender for a few minutes. Rinse out soap water! Take a sponge and scrub inside the blender. Clean all the sides properly with the help of a sponge.  Now, clean your sponge as well because later on the dirty sponge can grab a lot of bacteria.

Therefore, you should not leave the dirty sponge in the sink for a long time. To clean your sponge easily, place it inside the microwave for just one minute. This trick will help you to get rid of bacteria. Now, let it cool down and take it outside after a few minutes.

#2. Clean the Baseboards

Observe your baseboard! Isn’t it looking messy? If yes, take a broom or dry rag and sweep off the dust accumulated over the baseboard. In the end, clean the area with the help of a backpack vacuum HEPA. If still dirt particles left then used a wet cloth to get rid of it.

#3. Air Vents Maintenance

If you do not take care of air vents, then they will soon get dirty and messy. This will result in the circulation of dust and pollutants in your house. Ultimately, it will degrade the air quality at your place. Take a soft-bristled brush and try to clean the air ducts.

For worse condition, you can use a piece of cloth soaked in a detergent solution to clean the air ducts. Wrap this soaked rag around a butter knife and use it for cleaning.

#4. Take Help Of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are magical, even if they are used. These sheets can be used to remove messy water spots from shower, taps, and mirrors. You can also use these sheets to wipe baseboards and kitchen fixtures. For optimum results, it is recommended to use a few drops of vinegar and easily remove tough stains. Vinegar work as a miracle to clean kitchen faucets and fixtures.

#5. Clean your shower

Vinegar helps in cleaning bathroom fixtures such as a shower. If you do not want to spend your whole day for cleaning your bathroom, then vinegar is the only solution. The solution of soap and vinegar will help you to get rid of tough stains.

#6. Baking Soda To Remove Fabric Stains

Add a cup of baking soda in your washing machine before putting your dirty clothes inside it, Also, add a bit of salt along with baking soda for dazzlingly white clothes and to remove fabric stains.

#7. Get Rid Of Foul Smell From Couch

Baking soda also helps in cleaning your couch. Are you fed up with lingering smells and tough stains on your sofa or couch? If yes, clean your couch with a HEPA battery backpack vacuum cleaner, sprinkle a little amount of baking. Leave it for just 15 minutes! Again clean the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner.

#8. Clean Your Stainless Steel Items

All stainless steel appliances easily get stained. If you want to keep them always shining then scrub them with a soft cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Also, you can use a dishwasher and water solution to get rid of stains. For better result add few drops of olive oil. It will make your stainless steel shine.

#9. Get Rid Of Grease Stains

Make a solution of rubbing alcohol and salt. Mix both in a ratio of 4:1 to get rid of tough stains from carpet or any other area. Take a sponge and rub it over the stain. Allow the area to dry for a few minutes. Finally, clean it with the help of a backpack HEPA vacuum with battery.

#10. Safe Computer Cleaning

You should never use harsh chemicals and paper products to clean your computer. Also, you should avoid sprays to clean the computer screen. What is the best technique to clean your computer? Take a microfiber cloth and spray white vinegar over it, now, use this cloth to clean your keyboard.

Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the screen. Move it in a circular motion. If you do not get good results, then use a mixture of vinegar and water, dip your cloth and rub it gently.

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