How to Create the Right Custom Mailer Boxes?

The right custom mailer boxes can make a good product great. Also, it gives your brand the boost it needs. Get it wrong and the impact could be disastrous. After all, appearance is everything in this day and age. But don’t fret, The Legacy Printing is here to help. Know the valuable tips that can help your design and manufacture the right custom mailer boxes for your divine creation.

Mind you, a sleek design and first-rate branding are critical elements to create a stunning piece of product packaging. Below are a few ideas that’ll help you create astonishing mailer boxes:

Identify Who You’re Designing For

One of the most critical things to remember when creating the right custom mailer box packaging is to know who you are designing for. After all, your target audience is the one whom you want to delight. Sure, it sounds obvious but when you are in the driving seat, it’s so easy to pass by.

Let’s say you have created the best toilet seat in the world but your obsession with the dinosaurs is forcing you to plaster them all over your product packaging. Imagine what it could do to your product, especially if you are doing this for a small business!

Okay, some people might admire your love for the animals that existed in the past geological age. But a huge majority will think your product belongs to the toy aisle. To attract your customers, you need to comprehend whether you are dealing with the mainstream or niche market.

Before finishing your artwork and placing your mailer box order, have your homework done. This includes market research because it helps you figure out key demographics and allow you to serve your audience needs.

This way, your products will dive off the shelves faster than peregrine falcon the world’s fastest bird.

Find the Right Packaging Material

When designing mailer boxes think of yourself as an architect. You would never want to reside in an abode that’s made out of cheese. Just imagine how bad the smell would be in the summers. Would you want your loved ones to live in a house that is made of wrong material?

Your answer would definitely be ‘No’.

So how on earth you can wrap your product in the wrong material. Treat your creation with the same respect. When it comes to the weight or thickness of your box material, make sure to pick the best materials for your product. To help you out, here are two popular choices:


This sturdy yet flexible material is ideal for fragile, heavy items, shipping boxes, subscription boxes, fragile, and e-commerce packaging. Corrugated mailer boxes are quite popular among manufacturers and retailers as it’s an attractive, durable, and cost-effective packaging solution.


The coated white chipboard is used to create sleeves and folding cartons. This lightweight material is widely used across the industries as it yields amazing printing results. It is frequently leveraged by the dairy, food, hardware, and pharmaceutical industries to package their retail products.

Take your time to assess the feel of varying materials that are furbished to you by your packaging partner. Find out what works best for you and set the stone of your custom packaging decisions.

  • Think About Mailer Box Ergonomics

Ergonomics might sound like a fancy term in this case but it’s worth considering. Because it’s how people open and interact with packing boxes. This is an essential part of your mailer box design process. But it must suit the size and shape of your product.

In fact, it should also suit your customers’ needs. Of course, an innovative design goes a long way, but so does practical design. Take Amazon for instance. The company vowed to invest a huge amount of time and money into creating frustration-free packaging.

The design was so practical that top toy brands like Matchbox and Fisher-Price instantly jumped on the bandwagon. The packaging was made available to their die-hard fan base—excited kids. And the boxes were well-received by both children and their parents.

Remember, when people struggle to open your product, frustration prevents them to buy from you again. So it’s important to think about ergonomics. For example, beauty products that are packaged in flexible folding cartons are more likely to be received well.


Creating the right packaging for your prized product can be a challenging task. But the good news is today there are a lot of options, be it choosing a packaging partner, materials, printing or finishing treatments.

And it’s worth weighing your options before designing your packaging. Just remember creating right custom mailer boxes isn’t impossible. It can leave a lasting impact whether you are creating it for a small business or a large corporation.

So don’t hold back. Choose your options judiciously and dive into creating one today!

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