How To Live Healthy Life Under The Effect Of Air Conditioners

When people hear the words “air conditioning”, the image of walking into a nice, cool room on a hot summer day most often comes to mind. Yet the process of using any type of mechanical procedure to modify the existing condition of the air goes back thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians would hang wet reeds in the windows of their buildings. As the water evaporated, the air blowing in would be cooled. The Romans directed water from their aqueducts through the walls of buildings to bring down the temperature.

During the middle ages, Persians used cisterns and wind towers during the hot summer months. And nowadays, we enjoy the rapid cooling technology of air conditioning Sydney.

Air conditioning and health

While cases of allergy and asthma suffers are perpetually increasing, keeping contained air clean and free of contaminants is very important. Throughout the course of a year, an abundance of debris including, dust, pollen, mold, hair, viruses, etc. will enter through air ducts.

A poorly maintained HVAC system that is in need of air conditioning repairs and is left with impurities will only continue to circulate throughout your home or workplace for you to breathe in. If you are not experiencing any issues with your system, you might not think to have it cleaned.

Proper maintenance of your Aircon unit

However, HVAC cleaning by a heating contractor will only pay off in the long run. Cleaning an HVAC system provides you with a cleaner indoor environment, health benefits, and fewer trips to the family doctor and more efficient heating and cooling, which, in turn, will all save you money.

An alternative is to simply educate yourself on a few easy strategies and cleaning solutions, preventing air conditioning repairs so you will be on your way to better air quality in no time!

It has been determined from the EPA that indoor air pollution has become one of the biggest environmental concerns, considering the fact that we spend the majority of our days indoors. The quality of your indoor air could be compromising your health without you even realizing it.

Below are a few steps that you can take as preventative measures, and without having to call a heating contractor, which will still reduce the likelihood of you and your family becoming ill.

  • A major component to achieving clean indoor air is reducing air humidity. It should be kept under 50% with the use of a dehumidifier. As a reminder, the water tank within this device should be emptied regularly to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be a couple of the most destructive things to your indoor air.
  • Rather than dusting objects throughout indoor spaces, use a vacuum. Be mindful of getting those hard to reach places like the floor beneath tables, desks, beds, and dressers, as well as the easy to forget spots such as baseboards and radiators.
  • When washing linens, be sure that the water temperature is above 130 degrees in an effort to kill off dust mites and their eggs.
  • Try to refrain from allowing your pets from sleeping in bedrooms.
  • Change the filter on your air conditioner or furnace about every 3 months. This will increase the cleanliness of your indoor air as well as reduce the amount of energy used, saving you money in the long run! (If you have questions with this task, contact a heating contractor near you.)
  • If you have air fresheners throughout your home or office, dispose of them. The pollutants that are emitted in the air can be detrimental to your health.

Although these tips may not resolve all of your air quality issues, it is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by pollutants and allergens, which can create uncomfortable situations in indoor environments. And, since your home and workplace are, in essence, an enclosed area, heating contractors and air conditioning contractors are able to determine what modifications and services need to be performed.

There are advantages to having a modern system in the home or office. The first, and obviously most important, is the level of comfort for that inside. When temperatures are high, the impact on health (mental and physical) can be profound.

Having a comfortable environment promotes a more relaxed and focused atmosphere. A second advantage is cleaner air within the space. A modern ducted air conditioning Sydney can reduce the level of allergens, insects, and outside contaminants, making breathing easier and healthier (especially for those with allergies or asthma).

Creating a comfortable, healthy space to live, work, or play in is the primary function that modern-day air conditioners perform.

These products will continue to make a positive impact on the health and comfort of all who use them, whether it is a small window designed unit or a major commercial HVAC system.

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